Concept consulting and process model for customers

1. Consultation

Because of long-standing experience and well-known manufacturers integrated in our concept, we can offer you an extensive, practical solution for all demands and aims.

Factory equipment for industries, handcraft und factories with complete equipment or also individual tool kits. We advise you individually. Depending on the consulting scope the consultation can be done together with the manufacturers and their capabilities.


Your advantages

1. Consultation and situation analysis on- site

2. Planning

3. Design according to your requirements

4. Delivery

5. Saving of time due to quick realization

6. Complexes designs and design tasks are represented realistic

7. Service and maintenance

8. Ergonomics – a detailed 3D preview


2. Planning

3D Planning programs: the digital technology of tomorrow

Because of the manufacturers integrated we have the most advanced possibilities.

The planning program we use offers the ideal concept and design tool for a quick, efficient, three-dimensional modeling and presentation. Due to professional import/ Export interfaces a trouble free data transfer per DWG/DXF format is guaranteed.

3D-data can be seen by downloading a free viewer. Free, flexible designs according to your requirements, orders, dimensions and color selection are created almost automatically in a creative and dynamic way by minimal time exposure. By the creation of a broad range of products we are able to visualize quickly and easy in 3D your ideas and suggestions. We offer a professional solution for that there is no alternative.

You have no idea how it will look? – We will show you!

Here you can see some planning examples from practice.

Everything is possible- From new company equipment to restructuring.


3. Offer

We send you an individual offer according to analyzed needs of the customer and necessary components for the forthcoming project. Due to the requirements resulting in the consultation and planning we make a custom-made offer for you.