Wachter – Network Group


The idea:

To achieve attractive prices and service features through bundling of demand and internationalization!


The network makes it possible to special interest groups like dealers and suppliers to spread broadly the articles and offers and to exploit on the Internet.


As a result the name of recognition of all participants and their products is raised to  higher power.

To be found means to sell!


The realization:

The realization of this idea is the mean job of the network group WACHTER.

Finally you can see here our network partners.

   8 active Network Partner in view


                                                                        Wachter24 - Centralshop                                               Simplaflex24


                                                                        Wachter-regale  Infoportal                                             Wachter-regale24


                                                                        Industriebedarf Baden                                                   SynproShop BELGIEN


                                                                        Lazy-Chipmunk                                                              Sichtlagerbox

bedrunka-hirth24 shop