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Information from WACHTER about workshop equipment.

Here you will find everything. From workplace system with massive countertops up to workbenches that we have sorted as welded workbenches or mobile workbenches.

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Workbenches and drawer cabinets can only be sent via forwarding agent! No cash on delivery possible!

Workbenches in the Online Shop

Due to the modular design of the system, that is peculiar to the bedrunka+hirth quality requirements, our workbenches match with each avaialable workshop equipment. Because of the unified planning with consistent system dimensions, a greatest possible scope for design is guaranteed. Due to the standardized RAL colour concept,arise all possibilities for the design or reconstruction of your storage and factory equipment. They fit inconspicuously in the concept of your consisting equipment. With this system that depends on the foundation of the drawer cabinets and workbench feet, bedrunka+hirth revert to well-tried basic design that grew due to the longstanding experience of the manufacturer.

Workbenches for all requirements.

Workbenches for all activities. Whether you are standing or sitting, we have for all opportunity and purse the right workbench for you in our program. Here you will find the and high-quality workbenches of bedrunka + hirth and other well-known manufarturer. Whether in a hobby area or professional area, our workbenches, tool cabinets and mobile workshops are used versatilely, also in small space. The basis of a good workbench is the countertop. Our countertops are field-tested and also suitable for hard work and frequently heavy-duty use. The offered workbenches and mobile workshops provide depending on the design a lot of storage space for system at the workplace. Our workbenches are available in different materials. Whether massive multiplex beech or waterproof workbench tops with ESD-conductivity (for places with open current source), combined with our stable frames of metal, it will give you pleasure for a long time. For the mobile use or in tight spaces we can offer you a selection of light weighted and movable worktables and cabinets the leave no desire unfilfilled.Many of the offered models here are adjustable in the height and contain the modular concept (modular design). for the storage of tools and materials many models have installed drawers with trays of shelfs.

WACHTER workbenches - for heavy loads -

These welded workbenches were designed particularly for WACHTER during a great project. This workbench is very stable and was designed specially for heavy loads, that can be processed on the welded workbench. The very massive 40 mm strong multiplex countertop is nearly indestructible and is suitable for rugh work. Due to the possibility of height adjustment this welded workbench is usable in many areas. Whether in training area such as training workshops or in professional area such as workshops or in the production area, there are many possibilities. Not least because of the special bending technology that was used when the table was designed a high lateral stability is guaranteed. Therefore the welded workbench has a load capacity of 1 ton.